Crate Abandoned in Driveway in front of Shelter with the Cutest Family Inside

At the RSPCA’s Coventry Animal Centre on a busy Saturday afternoon, the shelter was bustling and at full capacity, leaving the entire staff completely overwhelmed. In the end, they found a cat carrier abandoned in the middle of their driveway at around 4 pm when they kept pushing on, hoping to find a break. As the deputy manager of Coventry Animal Centre explained in a press release: “Despite the centre’s reception being open, the man briefly hid until someone walked away. When the person dropped the carrier, he ran away.”

The confused staffers peered inside and discovered a momma cat with her kittens, covered in fleas, and in dire need of care. They knew the cat family could not be left alone even though the shelter was jam packed and full, so pooling ideas, Budd finally figured it out. Budd continued, “It is not possible for us to operate on a system where people suddenly dump animals on us. Our foster spaces and cattery are full. We were grateful to have a member of our staff who was experienced in taking care of cats on Saturday night.”

By offering them all the help and care they so desperately needed, the entire staff team helped the newest family settle in and start their road to recovery. Initially, Trinity was extremely underweight, but over time, she has been eating well. She also became accustomed to the rescue staff over time, and is grateful for taking them in and keeping them safe. Budd also says, “She loves the kittens and rarely lets them wander. They’re doing well and, although they’re nervous about people, they’re slowly getting used to it.”

While Trinity and her children were at full capacity in the center, the staff found a way to provide them with all the love and care they never received before, even though the center was at capacity. Their happiest lives will await them once they are at full health, when they will be ready to find their forever homes. Budd had this to say: “I would like to thank everyone who has donated and offered foster spaces to help us care for this little family. Without the amazing support of the local community, we could not do the work we do.”




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