Police correctly identify missing Husky by asking him to sing his favorite TV theme song

A surefire way to identify a Husky as his was mentioned by the owner. There is a lot of vocalization in Siberian Huskies. Whining, moaning, chirping, and howling are more common than barking. A haunting songlike sound will emanate from their heads held high. There may be something to this Siberian song fest for Siberian Husky enthusiasts, but not everyone will agree,” RescueEveryDog.org writes.

But it’s this very attribute that enabled a lost Siberian Husky to be reunited with his owner.

Daily Mail reports that a Siberian Husky living in Beer Sheva in Israel’s Southern District was reported missing.

During an archaeological dig outside Beersheba, teens found a dog fitting the description.

Israel police received the malnourished and weakened dog from the teens. The Jerusalem Post reports that officers took the dog outside the city and provided it with medical attention.

After reaching out to the man who reported his dog as missing, the officers tracked down the dog. In order to determine whether it was actually the man’s dog, they told him to drive over.

But the man had a better idea.

He said he could identify his dog quickly and easily. The dog’s favorite songs should be played by the police. So, the officers sang along with the Siberian Husky to recognize his dog. “Shemesh,” which was canceled in 2004, and “Believe In Yourself” by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, which is the theme song for the Canadian/American children’s show “Arthur.”

The Siberian Husky immediately perked up when he heard his favorite jam play.

Siberian Huskies began singing along in a matter of minutes. A video of the dog’s performance was captured by the Israeli police. There was such joy in the dog’s eyes as he sang his favorite songs. There may have been a sense of familiarity in it.

Thus, the officers were able to accomplish that. In addition to playing the dog the theme song for his favorite Israeli TV show “Shemesh,” which was taken off the air in 2004, they also played Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers’ “Believe In Yourself” for the Canadian/American children’s show “Arthur.”

The Siberian Husky immediately perked up when he heard his favorite jam play.

As soon as the Siberian Husky started singing, Israeli police captured it on video. The dog looked ecstatic to be singing his favorite songs. Look how happy these two are to be back together! Perhaps it reminds him of home.

Check out the video below to watch the dog’s vocal performance and heartwarming reunion with his owner.




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