A lovely friendship – Man saves a seriously hurt fox, and it becomes his new closest buddy

It’s amazing how awesome this guy is. I wish more people could be like him.

Due to their domestication, dogs and cats make great pets since they are accustomed to human lifestyles and are easily adapted to different types of environments.

However, one man did not meet a dog or a cat or the usual pets for him to bring home. He met a wild fox who eventually became his best friend.

An injured and helpless fox was discovered by the side of the road by the Fox Project in Turnbridge Wells, England.

Its mission is to establish a wildlife hospital and deterrence consultancy in the United Kingdom. Every year, around 700 foxes and 250 cubs are admitted and treated at the Wildlife Hospital.

The organization only had two choices left for Cropper.

Cropper, the red fox, was in poor condition when he was discovered to be suffering from toxoplasmosis and he could not be returned to the wild. He was left with two options: euthanize him or find him a home. Finding someone who would take in a wild animal, especially a fox known for its nature, is extremely difficult.

But, despite their low expectations, a man stepped forward and accepted Cropper into his home. Fortunately, retired engineer Mike Trowler agreed to make Cropper a member of his family.

As someone who spends a lot of time with foxes, Mike was excited to meet Cropper. The man enjoys spending time with foxes and being with Cropper does not present any problems for him.

Just like the people in The Fox Project, Mike is passionate about rescuing wild foxes in need of medical attention. He also helps fox cubs to gain enough strength before releasing them into the wild.

This kind man cared for Cropper patiently and nursed him back to health. Cropper loved goingfor walks together with Mike and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. He ate from a dog’s bowl, napped with Mike’s cats, and relaxed with the cats. The belly rubs that Mike often gave Cropper were what he most enjoyed.

While still in Mike’s care, Cropper passed away after six years of happy days. This did not deter Mike from accepting other foxes in need of homes after losing Cropper.

In addition to adopting Jack, Mike also rescued another fox. While Mike acknowledges the responsibility and risks of owning a pet fox, he warns the public that foxes should never be kept as pets. Since their conditions are such that they cannot be returned to the wild anymore, Cropper and Jack are kept with him.

Due to Mike’s unwillingness to take the foxes’ lives, they became his best friends and eventually became his pets.

See the video below to learn more about Mike and how he treats foxes in need with genuine kindness.




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