Woman Who Nearly Starved Her Dog To Death Receives Maximum Sentence

It has taken some time for Bogey, a pit bull nearly starved to death by his uncaring owner, to receive some sort of justice.

The Ohio woman who starved Bogey received the maximum sentence allowed for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

At the time of his rescue, Bogey weighed only 18 pounds and was unable to stand, which caused him to be surrendered to Lucas County Pit Crew. Staff members were unsure whether he would survive in critical condition, but they refused to give up on him, and the survivor survived.

In addition to be malnourished, the sweet boy had a ruptured right eye that needed to be removed, but he was too weak for surgery. He slowly started to regain his strength and months later received the necessary eye surgery.

“People need to understand that doing things like this to someone else comes with consequences,” Jean Keating, the executive director of Lucas County Pit Crew, said after rescuing him from the pit.

Having been cared for around the clock in a foster home, he recovered mentally and physically. He remained a happy dog despite all the pain he endured. While his “crew” awaited the trial of his neglectful owner, his playful personality began to show and he focused on having fun.

Despite the concerns of the shelter, Bogey’s trial has been delayed several times. “No worries Bogey, we will continue to stand up for you no matter what delay there may be,” the shelter posted.

The date was finally set for the trial – more than a year after Bogey was rescued.

“People tell me it’s a miracle that I am alive. I wasn’t ready for my story to end and with an entire crew behind me, I fought for my life. I hope tomorrow brings closure for my crew,” wrote the shelter before the trial.

The judge charged Roderick with animal cruelty after Roderick pleaded guilty before her. “I would rather Bogey wandered the streets, eating from trashcans, than to have been in your care – or truly lack of care,” the judge said before charging Roderick.

All medical bills for Bogey, totaling $3494, must be paid by her during a minimum 180-day sentence in a corrections center. The horrible conditions and neglect of Bogey are behind him now and he is now happy and healthy with a loving family. Although many people wish the penalty was more severe, justice has finally been served for Bogey.

“I am certain we would all be a lot happier if we lived like Bogey,” Keating said.




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