They manage to rescue alive a distraught dog who was screaming in the rubble in Turkey

The miraculous recovery of an dog witness in Turkey has given hope to those who are still pleading for the location of their loved ones. After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the nation on February 6 the rescuers’ tireless labor did not cease.

Although an exact number has not yet been verified.

Restoring hope and turning into a true miracle is the emotional rescue of an dog three days after the earthquake.
These are the tragic photos of individuals being pulled from the rubble and the sights that have gone viral on social media, but among the horror, one video in particular attracted the attention of Internet users all around the world.

The dramatic rescue took place in the Turkish city.

It is the rescue of a cute dog.

The small puppy with the little head and a part of his breast can be seen in the movie; his other half of his body, or his hind legs, is buried beneath hardware and concrete.

The dog appeared to grasp what was going as many rescuers carefully made their way through the rubble with their hands. He appeared to be watching all that was happening to his burning with emotion.

The guys were feeding him water with their hands, trying to calm the puppy, and they are without a doubt the real heroes of this story.

This furry little angel becomes more mobile as the rescue goes on and the debris is cleared away, so at one point he tries to escape by injuring himself a little with one of the irons that are surrounding him, which results in a high-pitched wail.

In light of this, the rescuers carefully remove it while applying pressure to the head to prevent further injury.

On the scene are several rescue personnel from all around the world.

The puppy is eventually freed after 30 minutes of clearing away rubble and concrete scraps. One of the rescuers takes the dog in his arms and starts giving him first aid.

The emotional rescue of this dog after 72 hours of the earthquake, one of the most devastating in history, has restored hope to those who still expect to find their loved ones.

The time to survive in the rubble is running out, but the rescue efforts do not stop. Every living being rescued, gives back hope and becomes a miracle.




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