Owner cries tears of joy after dog named Nugget found walking on road across country 7 years later

As you may expect, his owner claimed that she began to cry. She couldn’t believe her “ride or die” had appeared throughout the nation after all these years.

SC TRAVELERS REST — On February 9, a woman by the name of Jennifer was cleaning her home on a wet Thursday night in Upstate South Carolina. She made the decision to spend a short while outside under her metal carport to have a cup of tea while listening to the rain.

“I could see something, you know, coming down the road, wobbling pretty crazily, not even two minutes after I sat down. Like, I had no idea what that was “Jennifer elucidated.

“Kinds of automobiles were glaring at him with their lights blazing. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone with my flashlight, and raced outside when I saw him beginning to go by my house. I then picked him out of the pitch-black, pouring rain, took him inside, and dried him off.”

Jennifer said that the Jack Russell and Pug cross pup was in poor condition. She hurried him to the animal emergency hospital, where, according to her, staff members promptly searched him for a microchip.

His microchip was traced to a woman in New Mexico, who lived more than 1,700 miles distant. The young man is 16 years old and goes by the moniker of Nugget.

The veterinarian attempted to contact Nugget’s owner, Jessie Springer, but it was late out west and Jennifer knew she would call her first thing in the morning.

Jennifer contacted her on February 10; Springer detailed her answer.

“I’m thinking, “What?” I said, “What?” What kind of dog is that? He’s a little—I can’t even say it because I’m going to start crying—yellow puppy, and his name is Nugget, she continued “said Springer.

Photos | Nugget found in South Carolina 7 years after disappearing in New Mexico

As you might expect, Springer said that she began to cry. She was shocked to see her “ride or die” Nugget appear across the nation after all these years.

“It is a blessing. a benevolent God “explains Springer

While Carolina Loving Hound Rescue and Jennifer were bringing Nugget up to date on his vaccines and getting him checked over to see how his health was after being discovered on the streets, Springer was still trying to process the news that her Nugget had been recovered seven years later.

“His nails were exceptionally lengthy. His ears were abhorrently filthy. There was a disease. He has two ear infections, which is fairly typical, especially if he spent time outside, “Angie Gschwind, of Carolina Loving Hound Rescue, noted. “He has some muscular loss in his rear legs and some atrophy in his back end. His patella is luxating. However, all of those traits are typical for a dog that is 16 years old.”
The main concern was whether he would be permitted to fly back with Springer. The veterinarian granted Nugget the all-clear, and Carolina Loving Hound Rescue has scheduled a flight this weekend for Springer to pick Nugget up and take him home.

Sincerely, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of rescue, said Gschwind. To get these men back together, you know, is what we labor for.

Springer is extremely grateful to Jennifer and the Carolina Loving Hound Rescue crew.
God bless them, and God bless that rescue, remarked Springer.

“receiving it. You could think, “Oh, wow, that’s so amazing,” after reading about it. They must feel fantastic doing that. We have gone from sobbing to I don’t know what to say. You know, it’s affecting every aspect of rescue? This is like a dream come true, I guess. There weren’t any dry eyes when I spoke to my colleagues today what we’re doing and how we were assisting “Gschwind gave details.

Springer claimed that she never imagined finding Nugget and that she is eager to return to New Mexico with him. She continues by saying that her little daughter, who was only a few years old when dad vanished, shares her joy upon his return.

This serves as a fantastic reminder to have your pet microchipped. It’s also crucial to remember that if you do discover a missing pet, you should take it to the veterinarian right away to get its microchip examined. Additionally, remember to update your microchip data if your address or phone number changes. She hadn’t altered her phone number in this instance for Springer and Nugget in seven years.




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