Foster Mom Discovers Her Dog Left Her A Cute Surprise When She Wakes Up

The only thing Kaitlin Devoto knew about the dog she chose to foster was that it had been saved from a puppy mill. She claimed that she was even unsure about her own age or gender! When she took her up, she saw it for the first time.

She saw that the puppy was a female standard red poodle when she first saw it. Devoto was also amazed to see that the dog was generating some milk! Devoto first believed that the dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies prior to being saved!

She asserted that her puppies should accompany her if she were to be saved! She was stunned beyond belief! However, what transpired a few days later proved the point!

Devoto discovered a newborn puppy in the dog’s bed the other day when she woke up! At that point, she understood that the foster dog was carrying a puppy when she was saved! She then looked inside the dog to see if there were any more puppies, but there weren’t any!

The foster mother then started directly consoling the mother dog and her pup. She gave the male dog, who is a newborn, the name Chicky Nug since he resembles a chicken nugget. In keeping with the idea, she gave the mom dog, Mickey D, the name of the fast food restaurant McDonald’s.

Both dogs are doing a great time with Devoto, and they will go to forever homes soon as Mickey will be available for adoption next month through Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, and Chicky, who is now 5 weeks old, will meet his adoptive family once he is 2 months. What a happy ending




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