Man changes homeless man’s life by taking pictures of him hosting a birthday celebration for his pets.

Some individuals don’t connect the word “home” with a specific place.

In their thoughts, their family is their home.
Choco and his two dogs lived in a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, but despite not having a home of their own, they felt quite at home while relaxing on the stairway.

In this home, a puppy birthday party was now in progress. Choco was singing “Happy Birthday” to his two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who were also sporting their birthday hats, when a passerby saw him.

Choco gave them some birthday hugs and pets before bringing out a miniature cake for them to share.
He lit the candles on the cake as well. After the song, he put out the candles and kissed each of their adorable puppy faces.

Before they all ate cake, he cut a slice for himself and one for each dog using a plastic knife.

The stranger who first saw Choco began filming the puppy celebration.
He also saw Choco crying a little. The observer approached Choco to see if he was alright and found that both Choco and his dogs were homeless.

He also learned that Choco had been living on the streets for some time after fleeing an abusive family.

Two dogs that Choco subsequently met, Shaggy and Nena, ended up joining his family.
Despite not owning a home, Choco always takes sure to provide his animals the finest care possible.

The gentleman who recorded the puppy birthday party on camera helped Choco.

In order to raise money, food, and supplies to support Choco in getting back on his feet, he posted a video of Choco and his dogs online.
In total, more than 440,000 individuals watched that video. To show their support for Choco, people started bringing their dogs to the park.

Choco started an Instagram account after getting a phone as a gift, and it now has more than 187,000 followers.

On the website, he has been selling shirts and giving a part of the sales to stop animal cruelty.
In the future, Choco hopes to operate an animal shelter and work in the music industry.

It is unclear why homelessness is stigmatized to such a degree given that 59 percent of Americans struggle to make ends meet.

One missed paycheck might result in you being unable to pay your rent and eventually getting evicted from your home if you don’t have a support system.

Domestic violence, a lack of affordable housing, physical and mental health issues, unemployment and job loss, and addiction are among the most prevalent reasons of homelessness.

Having a pet when you’re homeless can help you survive because they provide unconditional love, which raises your spirits, lowers your risk of addiction from worrying about losing your friend, and motivates you to take care of the animal as well as yourself.




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