Heartbroken Dog Spent All Her Life As A Stray, Then A Caring Tourist Arrived To Give Her A Second Chance

Every day of Helen’s existence revolved on surviving.

The little dog had lived her entire existence as a stray in Romania and had never known what it was like to be safe and comfortable in a house with a family.

Helen believed she would only ever experience poverty and loneliness after spending years simply trying to survive on the icy, hazardous streets.

But all changed when a tourist came to see her one day.

While on vacation in Romania, a woman caught sight of a sad-looking puppy dozing in the street.

While many people would have continued walking after feeling compassion for the small stray, this woman made the decision to intervene.

She made a call to the Romanian organization Howl Of A Dog, which rescues and rehomes animals in need.

They dispatched a team of rescuers as soon as they heard the woman’s plea to bring the stray inside.

The woman made the decision to learn more about the stray’s situation as she waited for the rescuers to arrive.

The dog had been residing in the region for a number of years, according to the store owners she talked with.

They thought the stray had been a stray her entire life since she frequently came to ask for food scraps.

The poor little puppy had to worry about finding shelter and food every day of her life since she had to fend for herself.

The woman waited with the pup until the rescuers finally arrived at the scene and she could be sure the dog was in safe hands.

The rescuers gently convinced the pup to come with them, and the drove the two hours back to the shelter

They wanted Helen to be examined as quickly as possible because they were concerned about the tiny stray, whom they named Helen.

She was probably malnourished, and given how long she had been living on the streets, she also probably had an infection, an illness, or other untreated medical conditions.

Helen was inspected by the veterinarian when she was back at the shelter, and it was discovered that she had the tick-borne illness anaplasmosis.

Helen had likely been on the streets for a total of six years, the veterinarian also learned.

But now, those long, horrible years were behind her and a new, brighter chapter of her life was just beginning.

She received antibiotics for her Anaplasmosis and got all the care she needed to grow strong and healthy.

Once her health issues were behind her, she was put up for adoption and Helen quickly found exactly what she was looking for.

When a family came to the shelter, they immediately felt Helen belonged with them.

Helen had finally found her place to call home after six protracted years of sadness and isolation.

Helen can now wake up each day feeling secure, cherished, and content.

Helen now leads a life she could never have imagined before thanks to that woman’s simple phone call.

She has everything she could possibly need or want, and she is ecstatic.




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