Little Dog Who Lived Chained To A Tree For 7 Years While Forced to Eat Off The Ground Is Finally Given A Second Chance At Life

Knowing that helpless, innocent puppies suffer while in the hands of cruel or careless owners is one of the worst feelings in the world.

When Luna was adopted by a cruel and heartless individual who didn’t show her any warmth or care, she was given a dreadful lot in life.

Luna was tied to a tree in the yard by her owner, who then abandoned her there for a period of seven years.

Luna was harmed year after year.

She lacked independence, optimism, and a loving relationship.

Even her careless owner failed to provide her with a suitable dish.

The little dog was forced to consume all of her meals directly from the ground.

It’s difficult to think how Luna found the perseverance to carry on given the extent of her misery, which is beyond our ability to properly comprehend.

After seven long years, a neighbor at last understood how much Luna needed assistance and phoned DAR Animal Rescue.

Luna was originally afraid as DAR arrived to save her. She had never known love or kindness, and she had no idea what these strangers were going to do to her.

She quickly understood, however, that they were there to deliver her from her nightmare. When she felt nervous, they offered her comforting words, a cozy blanket that was just made, and nutritious meals.

Luna’s fur was thick with mats after years of neglect, but the people at DAR gave her a nice bath and a shave and gave her a cute little hoodie to keep her warm until her fur grew back in.

The little pup could barely believe that she was finally safe, sound and loved, but with every passing day, Luna shone brighter and brighter and spread happiness all around her

Luna was adopted by a loving family that is in awe of her excellent temperament and activity after only a brief stay at the shelter.

Every day, Luna communicates how appreciative and joyful she is, and she has grown to be a tiny ray of light for the family.

We couldn’t be happier for Luna since she has put her nightmare past behind her and is completely devoted to enjoying the wonderful and joyous new life she has been given.

Watch this heartbreaking film to learn about Luna’s journey from rescue to rehabilitation.




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