Puppy Found Abandoned In The Woods becomes Best Friends With A Rescued Cow

Juliana Castaneda felt she had to act when she discovered four pups abandoned in the woods. In order to care for the puppies until she could find them a home, she brought them to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.

She soon found homes for three of the four puppies while traveling to the US. Sri Ram, a cute little boy, was the lone survivor. Juliana relocated Sri Ram to another area of the sanctuary in the hopes that he might make friends with one of the more senior canines there since she was worried that the puppy was now alone.

A buddy was soon formed by the puppy, who is now 5 months old, and it was love at first sight. Juliana was shocked to learn that the puppy’s new best friend was a black and white cow by the name of Bernie. Three-month-old Bernie, who had been saved from a slaughterhouse, felt the same way.

Maybe because they were both so young, their bond developed quickly. Or perhaps since they both had a difficult beginning in life, they had a particular kinship. We’ll never know what brought these two together, but it’s clear that they are much in love.

Sri Ram and Bernie have been spending all of their time together since they first met. They spend the entire day together and play, snooze, and hang around. Bernie now behaves like a dog, socializes with humans and other dogs, and enters the home with them and other animals.

The lovely best friends are frequently seen cuddling together on a bed with the other dogs and their human caregivers. Bernie crams himself in with everyone else, seemingly unaware of how much bigger he is than Sri Ram.

Because they are so close, happily it’s been decided that the two will never be separated and will be able to grow old together at the sanctuary. There they will never be alone again. They also share their time with Juliana’s family, a horse, pig, quail, pigeon, some rabbits, chickens, turtles, 13 cats and 35 more dogs

We’re so delighted that they connected, and the images and footage of them together are the cutest things ever. We hope you enjoy seeing the development of this uncommon friendship. Please spread the love to your loved ones and acquaintances.




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