Truth Behind the Photograph of a Horse Apparently Saving a Drowning Blind Dog

A horse named “Agripin” was swimming near to the Danube River when he discovered a dog that was drowning and in need of rescue. Little Abby, a blind dog, had escaped from a neighboring pier and was far from the river’s edge. She couldn’t find her way back to land. As a consequence, Agripin offered to help the small dog return to shore by swimming over to her.

The river was rather shallow, and Agripin was able to stand upright in the water. Abby noticed help had arrived and climbed up on Agripin’s back and rode back to shore.

The owner of the tiny dog, who was watching from the shore, was astonished by Agripin’s aquatic rescue of the pet.

Although the aforementioned rescue story is fantastic, it is untrue in every way

A few years ago, this picture and its related tale received a lot of social media attention.

The dog is not blind, and the horse did not save it, one animal lover on wanted to make sure everyone knew. The horse is named Brenda Lee, the dog is named Lucy, and their father, Brian Sean Reid of Horses Know the Way Home, are the best of friends. Jodie Sinclair, an equine photographer, captured the lovely image. The animals are American natives.

Sinclair actually took a few pictures of the attractive couple swimming at the beach

According to Sinclair, Lucy possesses the same courage and self-assurance as the little puppy. She said on Facebook that Lucy is “the most independent, strong, and relentless small person I have ever experienced.”

The virality of the image was also noticed by the Facebook page Horses Know the Way Home, which considers the made-up tales funny. How many lives might Brenda Lee and Lucy save this summer if they collaborated, they humorously ponder.

The two schedule friend meetings as well!

Do you want to watch the two in action? Here is a clip Reid posted of Brenda Lee riding Lucy around the fence in front of Tufts University




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