A storm stranded over 100 horses on this tiny plot of land. Then, a true miracle happens

Prepare yourself for this wonderful tale about the tenacity of animals and the goodness of people will blow your mind. This is the tale to read if you want your trust in people restored.
Even though the tale is from a few years ago, it is still moving to hear it now. The Netherlands, whose height is below sea level, was caught off guard by a powerful storm. Sadly, due of the excessive rains, a big herd of horses got stuck on what practically became an island. According to USA Today, there were around 100 of them.

Fire department officials attempted a rescue on boats and were able to save about 20 of the smaller horses, but the receding water levels caused the boats to run aground. They had no choice but to wait.

Devoted individuals remained and brought food and hay to the unfortunate trapped horses, but over the course of the following three days, 19 of the horses perished from drowning and heat exhaustion. Things were getting out of hand.
Fortunately, rescuers came up with a strategy. A small group of ladies on horses led the way as they made a road out of submerged pegs and chains, according to Your Daily Dish.

Thankfully, they were able to successfully herd all 100 horses off the island, through the difficult waters and onto land. Only one horse was too afraid to go, and he was rescued later by boat and made a full recovery.

Numerous lives were saved as a result of those courageous and committed individuals.




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