This mare and her trainer have an incredible understanding

For this rider and her horse, the incredible connection and understanding they share is not just a fantasy but a reality. Nina, the mare in the video below, and horse trainer Nadine Lindblom have developed a tight bond and mutual understanding. The two have such a great understanding of one another that they do a stunning display of bridleless bareback riding.

Since you are riding without any equipment or artificial aids, bridleless bareback riding may be a lovely way to connect with a horse. But if done too quickly, it can also be harmful. You’ll just be taken along for the ride if the horse doesn’t comprehend or appreciate what you’re asking for.

Lindblom’s demonstration shows a well-trained horse who fully understands what her rider is asking. Lindblom does a great job of staying centered as she rides, so she’s able to communicate clearly, even without the use of reins.

It’s crucial to understand that there is a lot of training required before you can ride your horse securely without a bridle (and eventually bareback at the same time). In a post on Horse Channel, trainer Julie Goodnight advised altering the way you interact with your horse. Use your body weight and leg signals to steer and control your horse rather than the reins. Additionally, you must be extremely explicit in your requests.

Work on letting go of the reins and guiding your horse without using them when you are ready to advance. You may practice securely without taking off your bridle totally since your reins are still attached in case you need them. By deciding on precise routes to go or destinations to reach, you may put your horse to the test. Make careful to work your horse off the rail as well so that you aren’t constantly depending on the extra help provided by the ring’s design.

Take things slow and be patient. Developing this training takes time, but if you put in the hard work, you may be able to ride your horse bridleless one day.




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