Touching Love Bond! !Hero Pit Bull Saves Foster Mom From Rattlesnake

Never before has anybody described Nellie as courageous. Up until a few weeks ago, the most common characteristics used to characterize the homeless pit bull were afraid, protective, shy, or cautious.

But everything changed when 5-year-old Nellie managed to put herself between her foster mother, Jane Taylor, and a rattlesnake while hiking in a Texas state park.

Nellie was taken from a California shelter by rescuers with the Final Frontier Rescue Project, a small volunteer-based organization in Texas, when she was a year old. After that, she spent years moving from kennel to kennel before meeting Taylor six months ago.

Nellie was afraid of loud noises, strange people, and strange animals when she first arrived at her temporary residence. She resisted being touched by strangers and guarded her toys fiercely. Nellie started to adjust to her new life, though, thanks to the influence of her foster mother.

Then, on a bright March day, Nellie demonstrated how far she had come.

“We ascended this enormous granite dome on foot. As we made our way from the walk back to the car, we also traveled through a region that isn’t usually traveled “said Taylor. I simply stopped and began screaming when I heard the snake, despite not even having seen it.

Taylor went on, “She came from behind me and jumped upon the snake before I could even move or turn around. Taylor went on, “It almost seemed as like Nellie was on it when she said, “I got this one, Mom,” when she arrived. Carry on.

Not long after the argument started, Nellie was bit on the face. A hiking partner wrapped his jacket over the snake, dragging it away from the injured dog.

Nellie wouldn’t move or walk, so Taylor and her companion scooped up the dog and carried it down the mountain.

Taylor stated, “Her mouth was wide, her head was leaned back, and her eyes were closed when we put her in the car.” She wasn’t “awooing” in agony, but it was obvious that she was dissatisfied.

“I knew I had to get her to the vet as quickly as I could,” Taylor added.

Nellie received two vials of antivenom along with medication for the bite site, and she was subsequently put to bed rest. And thanks to everyone’s rapid efforts, the courageous dog is recuperating swiftly.

She’s such a tough puppy, Taylor remarked. “She was chasing squirrels again two days later.”

Now that Nellie is on the path to recovery, she is finally ready to move on and find a permanent home.

Nellie needs a more controlled atmosphere to feel comfortable, and Taylor will soon go to Hawaii to take care of her elderly parents.

According to Taylor, she has been decompressing and is finally seeing how much fun life can be. She simply loses her mind anytime we have visitors here. As the dogs show there, she starts to realize it’s time for play. She has so many toys that she is no longer so possessive.

Now that Nellie is on the path to recovery, she is finally ready to move on and find a permanent home.

She’s extremely adorable and only wants to make you happy, Taylor continued.

She communicates with you frequently.

Nellie’s bravery will always be appreciated by Taylor, and she is aware that Nellie has a bright future if only someone would give her a chance.

Everyone assumes that Nellie was standing up for you, Taylor said. And it’s possible that she did, given that she pays close attention to anyone or anything she doesn’t like when she’s out for a walk.

It’s incredibly sweet to think that she would do that for me, she continued.




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