Truth Behind Photo of Horse Apparently Coming to the Rescue of Drowning Blind Dog

 In the Danube River, a horse called “Agripin” was swimming near the shore when he saw a dog drowning and in need of rescue. The little blind puppy Abby got loose from a nearby pier and drifted far from the shore, unable to navigate back to land. In order to rescue the little dog, Agripin swam over to her and offered to help.

After noticing aid had arrived, Abby rode back to shore on Agripin’s back. He was able to stand upright in the water because of the river’s relative shallowness.

The small dog’s owner, who was observing from shore, was astounded by Agripin’s water rescue of the canine.

Although the aforementioned rescue story is fantastic, it is untrue in every way!

A few years ago, this picture and its related tale received a lot of social media attention. reader made it clear to everyone that the dog isn’t blind and that the horse didn’t save it. Jodie Sinclair, an equine photographer, captured the lovely image of this horse named Brenda Lee and dog named Lucy. Their father, Brian Sean Reid of Horses Know the Way Home, and their best friend are named Brian Sean Reid. The animals are American natives.

It’s the most independent, courageous, tireless tiny being I have ever encountered,” Sinclair wrote on Facebook. “Lucy has the same strength and assurance as the tiny dog,” she said.

They jokingly ask, “How many lives can Brenda Lee and Lucy save together if they worked together?” Observing the photo’s virality, the Facebook page Horses Know the Way Home finds the stories amusing.

The two schedule friend meetings as well!

The two were spotted riding around a fence outside Tufts University in this clip Reid posted.




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