Horse Lovers Dream Hotel Opens Allowing Guests to Sleep & Dine With Horses

In the UK, a unique hotel offers visitors the chance to interact closely with horses.

Visitors may book “Stable Stays” at The Black Horses Ltd. in Cartmel, Cumbria, where they can spend the night in a stall that has been turned into a horse barn.

Horse enthusiasts may book a decorated stall with a double and single bunk bed, mini-fridge, kitchen, eating area, and en suite bathroom with a shower for £250 per night.

Visitors will be entertained by a stunning Friesian horse or a sweet Shetland pony in the neighboring stall, which has fresh hay and automatic water.

Both horses have been adopted and are now living in luxury with daily interaction with new people.

Visitors may observe their horsey companion munching on their hay through a partially translucent partition. Visitors are welcome to feed their equine friends and groom them using the owner’s supply of brushes.

These chores may be completed while lying in bed if you want a relaxing weekend.

Stable Stays was inspired by childhood tales Tracey Alexander had read about kids sleeping with their Shetland horses in their bedrooms.

“I am astonished no one has thought of this before,” she remarked.

Some people would find it strange to sleep with a horse, but others think it’s a great idea.

Tracey said, “That has shocked me quite a bit since there have been so many different individuals coming along. Some people have never had a horse before, while others bring their kids. In these situations, JB is perfect for kids.

Alexander did caution that the Shetland may nibble even if the Friesians may be sociable. It’s also important to remember that horses sleep at different times than people, so you could hear them eating or moving about their stalls late at night.

According to Alexander, Friesian horses are bred under strict supervision and are renowned for their friendliness and people-orientation.

The hotel does offer ear plugs to those who are light sleepers.

If you are looking for a memorable vacation experience, this horse sleepover is just that. Being able to pet a gorgeous horse from the comfort of a cozy bed is something no horse lover can pass up.




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