Meet The Rescue Pony Who Went From Near Death To Show Ring Star

Frodo the pony was on the verge of passing away when he was discovered in a field off a Cheshire highway in 2014.

The four-month-old Gyspy Cob foal was discovered languishing on a heap of rotting hay in the frigid cold, unable to even stand.

Thankfully, World Horse Welfare volunteers sprung into action and arrived just in time to save him. In addition to being underweight, Frodo had parasites and lice. The rescue squad had to lift him to safety because of his matted hair.

Because to his condition, rescuers initially weren’t sure if he would survive. He was started out slowly and given a particular diet because of his malnutrition, which helped him regain his strength.

He was continuously given fluids to stay hydrated, and his matted hair was cut off. His caregivers took rid of the parasite and lice infestation, enabling him to continue his healing.

Frodo started to show signs of improvement after receiving a lot of attention and commitment from his rescuers. At Penny Farm, operated by Global Horse Welfare, Frodo began his road to recovery.

He quickly began behaving normally, engaging with his keepers and having fun in the pasture, gaining dozens of friends in the process.

Frodo was adopted shortly after arriving at Penny Farm by Jan Mather, one of the organization’s regular handlers. The following three years were spent by Mather working with Frodo.

He had a horrible beginning, but he was pleasant, polite, and manageable. The amazing horse demonstrated his ability to shine while being ridden.

Eventually, Frodo went back to Penny Farm to start the process of becoming a show pony. The senior groom at Penny Farm, Nicolle Walmsley, spent numerous hours training the pinto pony to regain his muscle tone and ride him while seated.

Frodo rapidly shown that he possessed the skills necessary to excel in the show ring.

After their victory in the 2018 Equifest competition, Frodo and Walmsley were named the RSPCA PRP Rescue Pony Champions.

The dynamic team dazzled the judges and audience, and Frodo’s brilliant appearance and graceful gait lighted up the show ring. Everyone were amazed by his extraordinary voyage, and he became a celebrity almost immediately.

Frodo was given the opportunity to compete in the renowned Royal Windsor show in 2019 following a successful Equifest. Frodo participated in the show’s rode colorful horse division. Even meeting Princess Anne was an honor for the extraordinary pony.

The way Frodo has changed is simply amazing. He transformed from a near-death experience to a stunning display pony. The lovely pinto is now having a happy life where he will always receive love and care thanks to his rescuers.

This is a video showing Frodo’s remarkable transformation:




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