Sad shelter puppy becomes ecstatic when the firefighter who saved her shows up to adopt her

 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand how or why a person can let a dog out to die, no matter how many times I read the tales or how many cases I see on the internet.

Owning a dog gives you the chance to develop a lifelong bond with a pet that is only interested in you and wants to make you happy and keep you safe.

Yet there will always be some who feel ethically justified in abandoning pets for one reason or another. Chunkie is one such unfortunate dog that was left chained and exposed to the elements.

Lucky for her, Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, California, found her. Mike came upon her when she was sick and frail, chained to a post in the rain, and left to die.

Mike cleaned her up and brought her to the Front Street Animal Shelter so that a doctor could examine her because he couldn’t just leave her there.

It turned out that Chunkie had mange, and her skin was in very bad shape. However, the staff at the shelter immediately got to work, treating her ailments and dressing her in warm clothing to shield her skin.

Chunkie was delighted to have been saved, as was obvious to everybody, but she mourned her savior Mike when he went because they had become close.

Firefighter Mike, however, visited the shelter the next day, and thankfully, a heartwarming reunion was seen on video. To view it, click the link below:

Additionally, not long after, Mike was able to adopt Chuckie into his own family. To their new lives together, let’s toast!




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