Puppy abandoned by breeder on the brink of death gets greeted by a miracle

Independence Day is a day of independence for Americans. a day on which we honor our past and freedom. It stands for optimism. And that’s exactly what it was for Libre, a Boston terrier puppy of four months old—the day he was given hope.
On July 4th, Libre’s breeder turned him over to a Lancaster, Pennsylvania animal control. Because to Libre’s poor physical state, the doctors were completely unsure of his prognosis for survival.

Libre was taken right away to the Dillsburg Veterinary Hospital, where he was treated with medications and a laser to get the maggots off his skin. He started his recuperation gradually but certainly. He even started eating wet food, which is an indication that his health may be gradually improving.
Day by day, Libre’s health became better. On July 9, he was able to consume an entire can of food, but he refused to drink any water, and the doctors struggled to keep his temperature stable. Yet Libre remained resilient, and later that day, she was able to consume not one, but two more cans of wet food.

The staff learned that Libre’s mother had been turned over to the Lancaster SPCA a few days prior to Libre because she had demodectic mange symptoms. The breeder didn’t want to keep her since her mange rendered her unfit for reproducing.
They were first unaware of Libre’s mother’s condition but subsequently received word that she was well. She is now having therapy for her mange while being fostered.

A report about Libre’s mother I am aware that many of you have asked.

Posted on July 22, 2016 by Speranza Animal Rescue
Since it was unable to establish “beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual intentionally and consciously severely neglected care for the animal intending to inflict forseeable grave injury or harm,” Susan Martin, director of the SPCA, first opted against filing charges. The Lancaster Online.




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