On their dog’s 14th birthday, the family ensures he receives all the attention.

Terri Christopher’s family. After giving it some thought, they decided to go from Florida to Alabama in order to pick up Dakota, a cute dog that is the newest member of her family.

The gorgeous dog has lived a good life with his devoted family, toured the world and experienced their love while residing in several beautiful locations, but his favorite spot of all is the beach. His family takes him to the beach to spend his birthday there because he used to like playing in the waves as a kid.

Dakota’s mother, Terri, said to The Dodo:It almost seems as though Dakota knew what we had gone through and that he was the one who saved us from the time she was a tiny baby. She has never behaved like a puppy and has always had a laid-back disposition.

For Dakota’s family, the day of her birthday is a special event, and they go out of their way to show her how much they value and appreciate every moment they have shared together. Naturally, Dakota enjoys being the center of her family’s attention.

Terri states:

“We have always celebrated his birthday in a big way. She usually spends the day beaming openly at the beach… As she grew older, birthdays became more significant, and we are grateful that she was granted another year.

They produced a cute banner to hang on the car’s passenger door announcing that it was their beloved pet’s 14th birthday and that they would take a walk to invite people to toast him. This year would be no different. Overall, Dakota was quite happy; they only need a little bit of your attention to celebrate their birthday.

Terry recalls:

“Last year, when I was 13, we drove on my birthday and made the ‘honk for my birthday’ sign for the first time. He had a great response and seemed to enjoy the attention..




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