Step Inside The Home Of A Woman Living With 1000 Cats

There are several types of cat ladies. Lynea Lattanzio, who calls herself a “eccentric, crazy cat woman,” elevates love of felines to a whole new level.

In fact, Lattanzio has accepted 1,000 stray cats to live with her in her 4,200-square-foot California house since she is such a strong supporter of cats. The five-bedroom home is really home to so many cats that this seasoned animal rescuer even moved into her own trailer in the backyard.

Although 1,000 animals may seem like a lot, Lattanzio—who also created The Cat House on the Kings, California’s biggest no-cage refuge for feral and abandoned cats—estimates that throughout the years she has taken in closer to 28,000 of these “independent…beautiful, and graceful” animals.

With employees and volunteers assisting Lattanzio manage the continual cycle of food, medical treatment, and other incidentals linked with keeping 1,000 animals, The Cat House obviously needs an entire crew to help the business work properly. Every year, the entire operation costs roughly $1.6 million.

Since its establishment in 1981, The Cat Home has seen exponential expansion. While contributions had not kept up with the rate of spending, the charity had expanded by 2004 to include more than 500 cats and kittens. Thankfully, a kind donor named Doreen Wallet noticed the cat refuge and decided to donate it with a large portion of her wealth. The Cat House on the Kings was able to acquire six acres of adjacent land thanks to this kind contribution and enclose the entire site with cat-proof fence.

“She treats them well,” one YouTube viewer noted after watching a video about this unique living situation YouTube, which now spreads across 12 acres. “It’s much better than the hoarders that have cats running around with issues. She needs an award. They all adore her and aren’t scared, true blessing.”

Others who commented concurred that all of the animals appeared to be living in a secure and contented environment. Another user said, “These kitties appear healthy, well fed, and highly taken care of.” There are many who do not lead such nice lives.

“A cat hoarder is someone who does not have the means to care for cats,” this person continued. “This woman obviously has a lot of money. The homeless cat problem was caused by humans dumping unneutered cats into the wilderness to fend for themselves. This woman is a rescuer.”

Check out the video down below!




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