Little Girl Saves Horse From Starvation & Now They Share an Incredible Bond

38 abandoned mares and two foals in Bourbon County, Kentucky, were rescued from horrible circumstances in August 2014. Jo Jo’s Gypsy, one of the horses saved, was so malnourished that she resembled a living skeleton.

Because Jo Jo barely weighed 758 pounds, vets did not think she would live. The Thoroughbred mare was delivered to Our Mims Retirement Haven in Paris, Kentucky after being rescued.

Here, Jo Jo was given a second shot at life and met a young child who would permanently alter her.

Jo Jo was in the worst condition of all the horses Our Mims Retirement Home owner Jeanne Mirabito had ever seen. Kaylee, the granddaughter of Mirabito, was immediately captivated to the bay mare.

Nearly every day, Kaylee assists at the barn. She instantly developed a relationship with Jo Jo and provided the horse greater motivation to continue the battle for her life.

Kaylee rapidly became as essential to Jo Jo’s resolve to survive as food and water as their love gradually evolved.

Thankfully, a nonprofit by the name of One Horse at a Time stepped forward to support Jo Jo’s care and medical expenditures. Up to her recovery from her illness, they paid practically all of her bills. They also gave a wonderful contribution of 40 bags of horse feed.

Kaylee quickly committed herself to providing daily care for Jo Jo.

In addition to meeting Jo Jo’s fundamental need, Kaylee also shows her unwavering affection. She provided the mare the opportunity to survive that she needed.

Jo Jo gained a healthy 1,200 pounds in just one and a half years after being saved, and she was even given the all-clear to ride lightly.

Her turnaround has been quite remarkable, and Kaylee’s love and commitment have played a significant role in it. Kaylee devoted numerous hours to aiding Jo Jo’s miraculous recovery.

Jo Jo and Kaylee participated in the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association Show at the Kentucky Horse Park less than two years after Kaylee’s remarkable rescue.

At their first show ring appearance together, the beautiful pair came in second, which is an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations to Kaylee and Jo Jo!

Jo Jo’s improvement from being on the verge of famine and unable to walk is astounding. Because to Kaylee’s love and attention, the bay horse is currently flourishing.

Their extraordinary bond is endearing and motivating.

Just look at the transformation Jo Jo underwent in this inspiring video below!




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