Woman In Tears, Reunited With Stolen Husky After 2 Years

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as this heartbroken woman and her dog were finally reunited after more than two years. Kameroun Mares never gave up hope even though the Husky vanished out of nowhere and was never seen again. Thankfully, her tale has a very happy conclusion!

Semper Fidelis was introduced to Kameroun many years ago while the adorable canine was still a young puppy. All the woman needed to feel better while she battled her horrifying kind of cancer was her animal friend. The dog’s moniker, which translates from Latin as “always faithful,” is a reflection of his loyal and endearing personality. He was the canine of Kameroun’s dreams.

The adorable couple was inseparable, and everything appeared to be ideal. Yet a dreadful tragedy occurred in 2016. It was extremely difficult for Kameroun to bring her puppy with her when she moved to California for her treatment, so she left Semper with her roommate. Regrettably, she received a call a short while later informing her that Semper had left. The poor lady was in shock.

As you could expect, Kameroun made every effort to locate the Culprit. Semper was nowhere to be found despite her efforts, which included posting fliers all over the city, asking her friends and neighbors for assistance, and sharing internet adverts. But despite this, the wife didn’t give up and kept looking for him. She finally made the choice to employ a private investigator. Things began to change in an odd way at this time.

“When in California, I continued looking for him for a year, placing flyers on pet websites, phoning 15 veterinarians in the area where I used to live about him, calling the humane organizations about him, and finding refuge,” Kameroun told the dodo. “Ana Campos volunteered to recheck her AKC Reunite chip when [I] prompted her for more assistance. The Humane Society checked online before she arrived in May 2017… She discovered a lady had put her name on Semper’s chip a year earlier, on April 11, 2016, at that point.

Semper was apparently microchipped a second time without first having his microchip checked. The cute Husky was then listed online for $200. In actuality, it is why no one was able to locate him. Kameroun and Semper are ready to reunite in a deeply touching reunion after more than two years of tears and hope.

According to Kameroun, “I consider it as an extension of myself and my emotions.” “I’m so glad to have him back in my arms!”

Check out the touching moment, below!




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