Rufus The Rescued Kangaroo Insists On Daily Couch Cuddles With Dad

Rufus, a rescue kangaroo, just likes lounging on the couch while his human father watches television and cuddles him. Rufus’ story is what we’re sharing with you today. When this slothful kangaroo was only an eight-month-old joey, he was saved. Kym Haywood, Rufus’ adopted mother, is the director of the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary near Boston. Rufus still has a strong fixation with the sofa despite being an adult. Even the couch is the kangaroo’s favorite place to hang out.

Every evening, this cute kangaroo enters through the back door in order to relax on the couch in front of the television. Rufus prefers to stay in his favored position, so Kym finds it difficult to put him to sleep. As the kangaroo’s adoptive mother informs him it’s time for bed, video of the animal shows him slouching onto the sofa and burying his head.

The cunning kangaroo accepts the grapes when his human owners try to use them as a bribe to get him off the couch, then flops back down into it. Even the struggle for a spot on the couch between his owners has ended. As the kangaroo expands, they just recline more apart on the sofa. The area appears to be solely Rufus’s. When guests arrive at their home, they are instructed to sit elsewhere since Rufus has booked that particular seat.

The kangaroo has lived with Kym and her husband Neil since he was just eight months old, and they give up their sofa space for him. Nonetheless, they are more than delighted to do so since they like Rufus and relish their daily interactions with him. The two people thought it was the greatest thing imaginable as the kangaroo started to lounge on the couch. Rufus is undoubtedly a special kangaroo that loves the couch and feels secure there.

He even watches a bit of television on the couch and falls into a deep sleep on his safe spot. Although the human parents didn’t get Rufus off the couch, they covered it with mattress protectors in order to avoid any mishaps. His adoptive mom and dad go along with whatever makes him happy. Rufus does get cranky at times when he doesn’t want the two humans sitting next to him. He then pushes them off the couch very gently.





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