World’s smallest cow is as big as a house cat and it is just adorable (video)

When you think of cows, you probably imagine a farm with lots of big cows eating grass or sunbathing. The funny thing is that cows are like dogs in some ways. They love attention and have their own personalities. Cows can even greet their owners the same way dogs do.

When it comes to love, Lil’ Bill is not an exception. There probably won’t be another calf like him. Lil’ Bill’s little stature inspired the name. He is, in fact, the tiniest cow ever to walk the earth!

“We occasionally see a case that leaves us rather perplexed. One of such cases is Lil’ Bill! He was born weighing just a little bit more than one tenth of what newborn calves usually do “The Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where Lil’ Bill was sent for a checkup, said on Facebook.

Everyone is sharing the pictures of Lil’ Bill that have been uploaded to the internet. It’s understandable why folks are smitten with this young youngster. He has the same weight as a typical house cat.

Little’ Bill’s owners wanted to make sure he was okay because they were a little worried about his size. He was sent to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University. Veterinarians declared Lil’ Bill to be in great health following various testing.

The cute calf is actually rather little. His owners should not worry because he is in good health.

Although the reason Lil’ Bill was born so little is still a mystery, experts from Mississippi State University are still looking for a solution.




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