Dog born with short spine and no neck finds a family to love him just the way he is

Like a really special dog that battled with his peculiarities but eventually found the ideal home. He was born without a neck and with only a half spine.

Even dogs who have a slightly peculiar appearance are beautiful in their own special way and deserve wonderful, loving homes.

American foxhound Cooper has a hereditary condition called “short spine syndrome” that causes the vertebrae in his spine to converge and compress. According to Daily Mail, he is just one of 30 dogs in the entire world who have the condition.

“[His spine] is fused in two places – on his neck and on his back,” Elly Keegan, his owner, told the Daily Mail. He doesn’t seem to have a neck, and to see behind him, he must spin his entire body.

The strange-looking dog had a challenging upbringing. He most likely originated from a puppy farm close to Halifax, Virginia, given his birth deformity. He most likely acquired his disability as a result of inbreeding in puppy mills.

Rescuers found him in 2017 and brought him to Secondhand Hounds, a Minnesota shelter. He was first housed, but it didn’t work well either because he liked to chase the cats there.

Yet Cooper soon warmed up to Elly Keegan and her family. While many people would pass by a dog with such a strange appearance or, worse, have him put down due to his illness, Elly has a soft spot for dogs with impairments and is determined to provide Cooper with the care and attention he needs.

Cooper would require medical treatment, Elly predicted with the assistance of Secondhand Hounds. Initial health problems for the dog included a tumble that caused a five-part neck fracture and a bone infection.

Despite this, Cooper’s condition has changed for the better in other ways. Elly claims that because of a congenital defect, he essentially had his “butt on his back,” but surgery has improved his capacity to use the bathroom by himself.

Elly claims that Cooper is the “happiest dog” and that everyone loves seeing him.

Everywhere he goes, he draws attention, but he actually enjoys it. Elly told Daily Mail that he has a sizable following on Facebook. He is such a friendly canine.

Even dogs with particular needs or those with slightly different looks deserve to be loved and taken care of. Cooper has found the perfect home where he will be loved and accepted for who he is, and we are so glad about that.




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