Man Playing Violin Is Joined By 2 Horses Who “Dance” To His Musical Serenade (Video)

You’ve seen multiple videos on the internet about animals and human beings. As time passed, animals and human beings have gotten closer together. As pets, as assistants in the military (K-9 dogs, etc.), police dogs, circus animals, travel animals, farm animals, etc. The list goes on. The very first youtube video was of a person in the zoo. There have also been specific animal videos that have seemed unreal and funny. Such as bears and humans, bears sitting in the passenger seats of bikes, etc. Recently enough, there’s been another such video.

Ray Chen, a violinist, published a video in January. He was seen in the video playing the violin in an unusual area. But before two other horses joined him in appreciating his lovely aria, the horses stepped closer and bowed their heads to get a better look. According to the footage, the horses perked their ears and paid close attention. It was almost as though the lovely serenade was enticing the horses with its song.

Fans like the peace and scenic theme of the view because of the field and music. This goes to show that animals and humans can have a very close and intimate bond provided that there is love and affection, especially from humans.

This is a fairly evident reality, especially when it comes to dogs. With the development of technology and more understanding, it is important to remember that people are animals and should be treated with the same respect and love that we would give to ourselves.

This video gained millions of views, more than two million on youtube.




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