(Video) Newborn puppy Was Dumped on The Street, Crying – Still Finds It In Himself To Trust Humans.

Meet Joy, a young puppy that was left on the street. He was small and weak because he didn’t have his mother’s care. He was unable to care for himself and appeared to be leaving his future up to chance.

But fortunately, volunteers from Howl Of A Dog, a Romanian non-profit committed to animal rescue, found him and took him to their facility.

The day Joy entered the shelter was considered to be his first day of life because he only weighed 160 grams. In addition to being extremely vulnerable, blind, deaf, toothless, and unable to regulate their body temperature, orphaned newborn puppies are difficult to raise.

Despite their many challenges, the staff did their best to care for him and support his development.

With the aid of staff, he spent the majority of the first week sleeping and eating. He finally opened his eyes after three weeks. He started getting to know other furry creatures and exploring everything around him.

He was strong enough to eat on his own when he was seven weeks old. Everyone assisted in finding him a new home once he was prepared for adoption.

After 4 months, the Howl Of A Dog personnel received the excellent news.

Joy was adopted by a wonderful Dutch family who fell in love with him.

In order to personally bring him home, his new parents Ellen and Ricardo drove across all of Europe. The knowledge that Joy is now contentedly residing in his enduring home with his devoted family makes us happy.

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