Fun Loving German Shepherd Fails Service Dog Test, Becomes Internet Sensation Instead (Video)

Across the country, dedicated professionals train animals, primarily dogs, to help people with medical and developmental challenges.

It’s a long process, but when done right, these animals can feel what their humans are feeling and help them no matter what.

When a German shepherd puppy named Ryker showed up at the Double H Dog Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, they thought training him would be a piece of cake.

Since they are a working breed, they love to have a job to do.

We recently came across a German shepherd that despite being in an excellent service dog training program, just didn’t have what it takes.

It seemed that this smart dog had other plans on what his life should be about.

Ryker had been in training to be a service dog by the professionals at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since his breed is so reputably teachable, the staff was looking forward to transforming him into an excellent service dog.

The Double H Canine Training Academy is different than most because they don’t have a formalized training program.

Rather, they design each of their programs around the individual dog and their philosophy is “every dog can be trained.”

It’s hard to tell if, by the end, they were training him or having fun with the dog. Ryker may not have what it takes to make it as a fullytrained service dog, but what he lacks in that skill he makes up for in spirit.

This German Shepard is a happy, energetic and friendly pup who will bring years of joy, laughter, and happy memories to whomever he ends up with.

Ryker may not be a service dog, but he’s a great friend. Have a look at the video :




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