Dog Always Offers His Favorite Toy When He Hears His Baby Brother Crying

Although it is his most valued item, he is willing to share if doing so will help his brother feel better.

Bullmastiff Brutus, who lives in Northern California with his family, has only saved one toy from oblivion: the beloved fluffball.

Brutus adores carrying around a fluffy yellow thing in his mouth that he calls the “fluffball.” Bonnie Michalek, Brutus’ human, claims that it is the only toy that Brutus won’t destroy in under five minutes.

Brutus is the most faithful and compassionate dog, despite his enjoyment of destroying toys.

In 2016, Bonnie Michalek and her husband bought Brutus as soon as they discovered a house big enough for a huge dog like him. Michalek said, “I refer to him as my first kid.

She gave birth to their first human kid, a son named Kayden, 11 weeks ago, so Michalek now has to distinguish between “first” and “second.”

The Michaleks were unconcerned about Brutus and Kayden getting along, despite the fact that it is a novel situation for the whole family.

He’s always loved kids, Michalek continued. Every time he hears kids laughing outside, he gets delighted.

In fact, before the Michaleks even knew they were pregnant, Brutus was aware of it.

Before I knew I was pregnant, Brutus undoubtedly saw it, Michalek claimed. He was aware of it before I was. My wife said that Brutus wouldn’t remain in his crate on the evenings that my husband worked.

Michalek moved the container to give Brutus more room, but he persisted on staying near to her. “At the time, I thought he was just being a brat, but in reality, he was trying to protect me,” she recounted.

She made care to include Brutus in the changes the family was going through as they prepared for the birth of baby Kayden because he is such a mama’s boy.

When Kayden was born, Brutus went to live with Bonnie’s parents. Being the mama’s boy that he is, Brutus would want some time alone with her before seeing the infant when his family picked him up, and Bonnie was prepared for that.

I made sure to give him some attention, Michalek said. She then opened the door for Brutus to view the infant.Brutus disregarded my husband totally and went to see Kayden. He immediately desired to kiss and snuggle with him.

Since that first day, Brutus hasn’t let Kayden leave his sight.

When Brutus hears Kayden crying, he is always moved to offer assistance. The renowned sacred fluffball was then started being brought to Kayden.

In order to soothe Kayden, he offers Kayden his favorite stuffed animal.

Michaelek said.

Since the fluffball usually made him happy, Brutus reasoned that it would work for his younger sister as well. (He doesn’t need to be told that milk works a little bit better.)

The entire family is eager to see what Kayden’s future holds.

Every summer, Brutus and I go hiking at our cabin, and he’s loved it since since he was a puppy. I went there when I was a kid,” Michalek said. I’m overjoyed that Kayden could join us.

With Kayden here, everybody is gaining knowledge and developing. And Brutus recently discovered that there are other toys available than the fluffball that aren’t even for dogs; maybe, Kayden will return the favor and share.




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