Little Boy Refuses To Leave Injured Stray Dog Hit By Car Until Help Arrives

Kindness is a heartfelt blessing. We believe that by being a little kinder to one another, we can all make the world a better place. If you’re not sure where you can express your compassion and kindness, look around you. There are ways to show compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness all around you.

Hüseyin hurried to rescue a doggie struck by a car near his new home after seeing it hit by a car. He returned home, grabbed his blanket, wrapped it around the dog to keep it safe, and then alerted the adults to call for assistance.

He didn’t hesitate to share his only blanket with the poor dog, even though his own house was having heating issues. Hüseyin remained by the dog’s side while waiting for the rescuers to arrive.

Animal care staff arrived after some time to transport the dog to a nearby veterinarian. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the dog died. This broke the little boy’s heart, but it was because of him that the dog was able to see some kindness in her final hours.

Hüseyin’s kindness was not forgotten, of course. Cuma Zdemir, the city’s deputy mayor, visited the boy and his family at their home to honor the action. Although the boy’s act might seem insignificant to others, Zdemir perceives it as an example of humanity’s best qualities.

The person who had a difficult childhood and was surrounded by cruelty would think he would have lost his goodwill and willingness to love, but Hüseyin never lost these qualities.

Hüseyin’s family and the residents of Kilis are all proud of him and he is a great example of how we can all live by the ideals that children have.




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