Kind Butcher Leaves Leftovers Outside Shop For Stray Dogs

It’s amazing to see how considerate these street dogs are!

A touching video of stray dogs treating themselves to butcher shop leftovers has warmed the hearts of animal lovers. A heap of uncooked chicken bones lies outdoors on the sidewalk in a cardboard box in the video. The dogs approach the box cautiously, one by one, and help themselves to a bone. What is surprising to observe is how courteous each dog is, since they only carry one piece with them.

What appears to be an elderly Golden Retriever approaches carefully to the box, takes up a bone, and then wanders away. When one of the dogs approaches, he appears cautious and crouches. Another joyously wags his tail, as if he can’t believe his good fortune.

Many people commented on how well-mannered the street dogs are.

Some people were concerned about giving dogs bones, but others quickly pointed out that cooked bones offer a greater risk to dogs since they may splinter and cause internal injury, but the ones set out by the generous Good Samaritan are raw.

Others asked if the video was shot in Turkey. One redditor confirmed the video is from Turkey, recognizing the emblem on the cardboard box as belonging to a Turkish company.

The nameless Turkish butcher is not the only one with a kind heart. Ikram Korkmazer, who resides in Turkey as well, is clearly an animal lover. Cats and dogs frequently visit his business to receive food. His recordings became popular after a video of a cat leaning up on the butcher counter to ask for a treat received over a million views.

Korkmazer also has many dogs who anxiously wait for a food on his pavement (or two or three).

And one dog anxiously wags his tail in anticipation of a dish of food in the next video, indicating that this butcher has his regulars.




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