Miniature Horse Finds New Home With French Bulldogs After Being Rejected by It’s Mother

Peabody was just 19 pounds and 16 12 inches tall when he was barely six weeks old. At his age, he was the tiniest horse ever.

Faith Smith volunteered to take care of the cute little after a vet advised Peabody’s original owner that he should be put to sleep due to his health issues. Owner of Faithful Minis, situated in San Diego, California, is Faith.

Dwarf Peabody came to Faith with a number of medical issues. His jaw was misaligned, he was unable to walk, and his prior owners believed he was blind and deaf.

Faith was aware that Peabody was deserving of a second opportunity. To pick up the weak little horse, she leased a vehicle and traveled across the nation.

Faith kept Peabody in her house because of how little he was. There were three lovely French Bulldogs living with Peabody.

Peabody is so little that he could never survive outside unless he grows bigger, and we’re not sure whether he will. Horses are never house animals. He currently shares a home with the dogs, said Faith after taking Peabody in.

Peabody’s jaw started to align after he came to his new house, and he was given special shoes to make walking easier. Moreover, his new owners realized he wasn’t totally blind.

Peabody was first wary of the French Bulldogs, but he soon warmed up to his canine buddies. Even though the dogs were around the same size as him, he started playing with the

His followers started referring to him as “Little Pea,” and he even had his own clothing line. More than 360 million people have seen his videos, and he even made a guest appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Peabody immediately gained notoriety for doing anything from lounging on a king-sized bed to playing with the French bulldogs.

This is a beautiful video of Peabody:




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