Homeless Puppy Interrupts 15-year-old Photo Session And Takes Center Stage

The second protagonist had a strong bond with the canine.

The subject of the photograph taken by Néster Nez was described as “he, all nice and photogenic, who took the lap that was handed to him” when it was uploaded on the internet. Words are seldom as effective as images.

The young woman who wanted that episode to be remembered in history, Olivia Nez Zaragoza, had no notion that she would have to make a substantial contribution. The quinceanera held the dog on her lap for the length of the photo shoot and grinned the whole time.

Dog lovers believe that canines can grow at any time. Many users assert that simply being present in any situation adds a special excitement and sensitivity that elevates every second.

The odd photo session took place at Cuba’s Plaza de La Viga, which has hosted a number of events dedicated to feminine beauty. Nester relates, “I indicate to Oli as he suspiciously approaches, making us uncomfortable owing to the session of fifteen, the schedules, and the light.

The creature was pretty attractive and brazenly leaned on the girl’s clothes, making the visit more enjoyable. Internet surfers who fell in love with the image called this publication Los quince de Firulais.

The photographer was “watched,”The other two were them: Firulais, who was beaming and took the lap they offered him, and Olivia, who patted him and then sat down. Such a lovely quinceaera, and what a lovely smile. The photo is proof that one of the people who discovered the tale professed to like it. More than 5,000 people “liked” the picture on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, the fo

The following remarks on the gift were made: “The best present she could have,” They resemble the XV of Firulais, and the fifteen-year-old has the appearance of a bridesmaid. Additionally, “What wonderful humility the girl displayed when playing with the dog.”

Despite the dog’s friendly demeanor, photographer Nester said that he could not take the puppy into his home because he already had several animals. However, he urged people to adopt homeless animals that require care.

The photographer has not confirmed this information, but certain remarks made by various people in the magazine suggest that the dog was reportedly adopted by a family that would take care of it.




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