When I Saw Her, I Could Only Quietly Approach Her And Carry Her To The Car With Tears In My Eyes

This girl’s paralysis and inability to move her hind legs suggest that she may have had erlichia. Eva continually pleaded for assistance, but nobody was willing to help.

I carefully approached Eva, brought her to the car, and then drove home because the next day I would take Eva to the veterinarian so she could have all of her blood tests.

Eva was eating well and felt fine. We had an appointment with a specialist that day to check on her. The doctor performed a comprehensive blood test and discovered that she was clear of HW and erlichia. She was just anemic, how could she not be able to move her legs?

Sadly, the doctor had some unfavorable information to impart. When we took Eva for X-rays the day before, the technician discovered two injured vertebrae that were giving her a lot of pain and numbness in both legs.

According to the vet, who stated that the damage was caused by a collision with a car, the orthopedic surgeon would next determine if surgery was a good choice for her.

Eva received a heavy dose of painkillers every day in an effort to lift her spirits. Eva was recovering successfully and was doing well.

The dog was so weak three weeks ago that she couldn’t even move. She could now stand up since her rear legs were getting stronger.

Eva always gave it her best despite knowing she had a long road to recovery ahead of her. Daily massages, three days of electric stimulation, and daily water treatment were all given to the patient.

Eva has excelled in her therapy and recovery in a remarkably short period of time. Her rear legs were getting stronger and more flexible. Her front legs were no longer stiff, and she was able to straighten them and retain them there.

Eva never gave up and proved to be a fierce warrior. We gained a lot from her,” the group said.

Eva had received weekly injections and plasma therapy the day before, both of which seemed to be helpful. She spent more time that day standing up, moving about a bit, and generally feeling better.

Recently, I thought about getting Eva a wheelchair, but I opted against it since I was so happy to see how much better she was walking every day.

Finally, she has found the home and the people she deserves. She got recognition, and enjoyed complete freedom.

She had never seen the lake before, so she hurried and leapt, relishing those tranquil moments. Eva’s grin made me happy.




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