Dog Pokes Face Out Of Shelter Kennel So She Can Watch Her Friends Get Adopted

A cute puppy named Chauncey poked her head out the bottom of the Spartanburg Humane Society door. She watched as yet another dog was led out of the shelter by its new owners.
Whatever the reason, it was clear that Chauncey was having problems locating her true home.

Angel Cox, CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, told The Dodo that Chancey is quite reserved until she gets to know you. She thus “kind of watched the world go by” amidst all the barking and nonstop bustle at the shelter.

The personnel at the shelter felt terrible for Chauncey. They hoped someone would give the precocious pup a chance since they felt she had the potential to be a wonderful friend.

She enjoyed being carried and walked by the volunteers and staff, according to Cox. She is excellent on a leash, making her a volunteer favorite.

Chauncey was given back to the humane society after finding his first home to be unsuitable. Even though it had failed, Chauncey was not going to give up trying to locate her relatives.

Finally, another family entered after seeing a Facebook post about Chauncey. Chauncey was prepared to exhibit her endearing nature to the fullest this time. They were immediately apparent to be the ideal combination.

“She is a very loving dog and won them over with her sweetness.”
Watching Chauncey leave the humane society with her family, shelter staff were overjoyed to know that the dog had found a place where she belonged.

“We were so happy for her to find a great home, but we always miss them when they leave,” Cox said. “It is definitely bittersweet when they get adopted, but we are always happy deep down inside.




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