This Man Turned His Farm Into An Animal Shelter That Not Only Has Dogs And Cats But Also Other Animals Such As Horses..

One individual in Turkey had their life drastically altered by the necessity to assist stray animals. We want you to meet Mert Akkök today; he runs a private animal refuge on his property outside of Istanbul. If you believe that the only animals in his care are dogs or cats, think again. His animal sanctuary accepts stray creatures in need of additional love and care. Around 20 dogs, several cats, goats, donkeys, birds, and other odd animals are among Mert’s many animals.

“On my property, I have 10 to 20 dogs. I find them in forests, junkyards, and rural regions far from the city. I work to place them in homes. Some of them never leave me. especially the extremely old and ill. They are not wanted for adoption. In addition, I recently acquired a young donkey and have 46 sick seagulls, a blind horse, 3 geese (who have a long tale), 3 cats, and other animals.

Meet Mert Akkök, a man who has a private animal shelter on his farm near Istanbul, Turkey

We assumed that some of the animals may only spend a limited period of time with Mert, but the animal-loving guy revealed to us that he often encounters these creatures on his own. because it is illegal for the Turkish authorities to kill abandoned animals or keep them in shelters forever. Law forbids this, which is a good thing.

You inquired as to whether they must remain with me by a certain date. No, they won’t leave if they aren’t adopted again. I wouldn’t just hand them out to everybody who asked for them either. They now resemble my children. I can only give them to respectable, good individuals who can take excellent care of them. As a result, readers may message me on Instagram if they’d want to (I don’t use Facebook much). If you can, send them a message there. You can request to adopt a dog from my neighborhood, not only one from my farm. In the region where I reside, there are a lot of stray dogs. I think we can work together to move them to the United States.

“Our government has to neuter and vaccinate the animals and then put them back on the streets. So they are everywhere. Anybody in Istanbul can see many homeless cats and dogs wandering around in the city”




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