They Capture The Footage Of A Horse Relieving The Pain Of A Terminally Ill Mother Who Clings To Her Son

You can clearly see a thin and frail mother in the photos. A person who is aware that her body is slowly deteriorating yet does her best to hug her kid.

Some animals frequently turn into the ideal havens of solace; simply by being there, they may lessen our grief without even speaking. In this instance, Peyo, a cute horse, has been trained to provide patients in the palliative care unit of the Séléne de Calais Hospital Center in northern France with treatment. Animal-assisted therapy aids patients in overcoming health issues.

Peyo recently appeared in a scene that Jeremy Lempin was able to record. The French photographer is able to convey powerful emotional narratives through his photos, and this is unquestionably one of them.

Lempin captured the touching scene when Peyo first sees Marion, a 24-year-old cancer patient who is cuddling her young son Ethan, who is 7 years old.

Each month, Peyo assists roughly 20 patients.

Cancer, sadly, is one of those illnesses that ravages the body over time.

You can clearly see a thin and frail mother in the photos, a person who is aware that her body is slowly deteriorating yet does her best to hug her kid.

Peyo, a kind horse who approaches them with amazing calmness to let them know they are not alone, is one of them.

“Pet therapy, commonly referred to as animal-assisted therapy, is employed in a variety of clinical settings, particularly in psychiatric treatment and palliative care.

Animals appear to have phsiological impacts. Lowers Blood pressure, or assisting with pain control, in addition to reducing worry and tension.

The purpose is to provide comfort, tranquility, and companionship to terminally ill patients by utilizing the inherent relationship between people and animals.

Peyo does not take his eyes off the mother and son while they lay on the bed.

Equine presence provides the essential emotional support that terminally sick individuals require.

Given their heightened sensitivity to their surroundings, horses appear to be especially well-suited for palliative treatment. At Les Sabots du Coeur, a facility devoted to animal-assisted therapy and scientific study on the issue, Peyo works with his trainer Hassen Bouchakou.

The World Press Photo 2021 competition received Lempin’s photo entry. The illustration “Doctor Peyo and Mr. Hassen” provides proof of the value that animals have in the lives of humans facing dire circumstances.

Peyo makes friends with everyone he encounters as he moves through the hospital.

total of 74,000 images were picked from the approximately 4,300 photographers from across the world who entered the competition. They chose 45 photographers from 28 different nations for the final round, with Peyo’s touching scenario with his mother and kid standing out.




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