Horses Gather To Get Glimpse Of Beautiful Foal With Special Markings

Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful? She only produces masterpieces and never makes errors. like this adorable foal…

For many years, Jackie and Scott Nelson have been the owners of the Down Under Color ranch in Melbourne, Florida. Their stunning American Paint Horses are well-known. With their horses, they have years of expertise, including breeding and giving birth. So it’s reasonable to believe that nothing will catch them off guard when a filly is born. But when they saw the young filly that had joined their family, they were in for a tremendous surprise.

Coconut, a filly born to Poka, is a highly uncommon breed of horse known as a Medicine Hat. A Medicine Hat Horse is a highly respected animal in Native American cultures across the country.

These horses were said to possess paranormal abilities and to be lucky. In combat, it was thought that these horses could detect oncoming danger and shield their rider. In the tribe, a Medicine Hat Horse could only be ridden by the Chief or Medicine Man.

What distinguishes a Medicine Hat Horse from other horses? The ears and top of the head of a Medicine Hat Horse are covered with colourful patches that are white.They may also bear other markings.If they have a colored patch on their breast like Coconut has, this is referred to as their shield.Coconut also has one blue eye with a black line surrounding it, which further increases the rarity of a Medicine Hat Horse.

The one blue eye is known as the “Sky Eye.” .”According to Down Under Colour, “This eye is known as a Sky Eye in Indian Mythology.”If the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle, their spirits will be carried to their Gods by this one blue sky eye.”

It must have been a sight to behold for Jackie and Scott Nelson when they first met Coconut.In addition to being a Medicine Hat Horse, she also had extra markings that gave her a distinctive appearance.This foal is unusual and beautiful.Considering that Coconut was just two days old, it is understandable that they would want to display him.

Jackie and Scott Nelson photographed Coconut and Poka on their first expedition a day after their birth.Though she’s still getting used to her unstable legs, Coconut seems to like being outside with her mother.All of the horses at the ranch stop by Coconut and Poka.To get the finest view of Coconut, the horses line up against the fence.These horses are interested in the newcomer to town.

Coconut immediately starts to jog about on her short legs. If she believed she could run alone, she was incorrect. Everywhere Coconut goes, her mother follows. If Coconut goes too close to the fence, Poka will stay watch between her and any other people or animals. Coconut’s mother is zealously guarding!

Even receives her first kiss from the family dog, Coconut! The unique filly is attracting the attention of everyone on the Down Under Color farm, even their dog, who did not want to be left out. Coconut first appears to be equally as interested in the dog, but as the dog kisses her, she changes her mind. She wasn’t prepared to have the dog in her lap that much!

The video shows Coconut and her mother Poka galloping and wandering about the property. When other horses first see the newborn horse, they appear to be captivated and mesmerized.

Watch the movie below to see Coconut’s beauty and learn more about this tale!




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