Woman Rescues 500 Horses From Slaughter And Builds One Of The Nation’s Largest Horse Sanctuaries

One Californian woman made the decision to act independently and change the situation for these neglected horses.

“This is what I have to do… I am a firm believer in that. It was what I was meant to do,” says Goetz.

California’s San Benito County is home to the more than 3,000-acre Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary, which was established in 2012.

Alicia Goetz established a sanctuary so that these lovely horses would have a second shot at life.

In addition to being successful in her mission to prevent horses from being killed for meat, Goetz has also been able to save over 500 horses so far, an amazing achievement.

To make things more impressive, Goetz hasn’t relied on donations to run the sanctuary, she has poured heart and soul into making it all possible. Tirelessly she has worked to create what is now one of the biggest horse rescues in America.

Goetz came to the conclusion that she could utilize her own land to provide horses in need of a safe refuge with nowhere else to turn.

The wellbeing of the horses is Freedom Reigns’ primary concern as a working ranch. The horses are given a loving home at the sanctuary where they never have to worry about their fate again, regardless of their past.

Goetz is a person for whom all horse lovers may be grateful since she saved the lives of hundreds of horses

She has devoted many hours to ensuring that these horses, who were doomed to a horrific fate, can now roam hundreds of lush acres of pasture in the stunning rolling hills of California.

In the sanctuary, most of the horses are given ample freedom to roam across the land, with many of them forming small herds they stick together with.

Prior to being introduced to the herd, each new horse is isolated for 4-6 weeks. Every day, the horses kept in the stables are given premium hay.

Even though it isn’t accessible to the general public, the sanctuary may arrange for private excursions. The ranch not only saves and houses horses that were meant for slaughter, but it also informs people about the requirements of horses in these circumstances.




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