Fluffy Maine Coon cat courageously swims toward owner (Video)

It’s very sweet how she starts by checking the water’s depth.

Everyone is aware that the majority of cats dislike water. They just don’t like being in it, therefore they usually try to stay out of it. And one kitty who very much enjoys swimming is that exception.

It appears that one Maine Coon cat is a little bit bolder than the rest!

The breed is characteristic to Maine on the East Coast of the United States and is recognized for its huge size.

On fields, ships, and of course in houses, they were well-liked “mousers”.

They get along well with people and are a breed that is quite handy, they’re adaptable, and they’ve kept their hunting instincts.

This particular Maine Coon takes a brave yet cautious first foray into the water to greet her owner.

After a few cautious paws in the water, she starts to cast her eyes further afield. Across the water, but not so far away is this curious kitty’s owner, waiting patiently in the water, she quietly coos to this giant cat, boding it to her further in.

But will this cat be brave enough?

She must be quite courageous!

Brave enough it would seem, to go past the paw, and go rather deep. Perhaps that’s why they needed to put a collar on her if she was going to be that adventurous.

At least this cat gets to go on fun adventures into the great outdoors.

And indeed, she succeeds!

She does, however, ultimately manage to get all of them in the water thanks to her fearlessness. Not only that, but she also succeeds in slinking all the way to her mother. She even extends a careful, probing hand toward her.

This cat obviously loves and trusts her mother enough to go into a lake with her.

And her mother is overjoyed to have her there. It is obvious that these two truly care for one another.

So much so that her cat will cross a lake’s uncharted waters to reach her.





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