Wild Seal Is Completely Obsessed With Everybody At The Beach

Sammy frequently appears on individuals without warning and attempts to get onto their kayak, surfboard, or backs while they are swimming.

Last year, Will Badman didn’t travel to Weymouth Beach in Dorset, UK, to see the dawn. He was looking for Sammy, the friendly seal who has lived on the shore for more than two months.

During the height of the quarantine, when few people were outside of their houses, Sammy first showed up on the beach. The baby seal seems to have chosen the ideal spot to fish and relax on the beach.

But when the rules relaxed and the temperature rose, Sammy saw that his beach was filled with people—which, oddly, didn’t seem to bother him at all.

In fact, he appeared to be looking to socialize.

According to Badman, who talked to The Dodo, Sammy enjoys surging up on people and attempting to board their surfboard, kayak, or back while they are swimming. Whenever he visits the beach to unwind, “[He] seems to like the cams.”

Sammy was photographed by Badman during his visit so that he wouldn’t have to approach too near, but the seal appeared to be aware that he was the center of attention. He smiled and stuck out his tongue to cup for the camera as he swing and played hide-and-seek with the photographer.

Sammy loves to take rides on paddleboards when he gets bored swimming. He won’t have to struggle to swim back to shore, which will allow him to warm up and rest.

Sammy seems unbothered by the situation and typically makes friends with the riders.

Sammy, who is now a local celebrity, is being protected by a group of volunteers. Despite his best efforts, the juvenile seal should not be touched or messed with since he is still a wild animal. People are warned to stay away from the animal, restrain their pets, and observe it from a distance.

Sammy is still having a great time at his temporary home and continues to make people smile because of the volunteers.

He was wonderful to see and not something we often have in this region of the UK, according to Badman. I traveled for an hour to see him, and it was definitely worth it.




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