The Poor Dog’s Last Goodbyes Lay beside His Sister In Her Final Moments, Comforting Her And Refusing To Leave Half a Step

This three-month-old puppy wouldn’t leave the side of the dead animal after her sibling was hit by a car.

The terrified dog spent two days with the female pups before being buried by a kind person.

Witnesses reported to have observed two dogs—one brown and one grey—lying in the middle of the road in Pixian County, Sichuan Province, in southwest China.

To prevent the grey puppy’s body from being hit by any passing automobiles, the brown puppy would rise up and bark if a car approached.

Before someone assisted them to safety on the side of the road, they stayed there for a few days.

The grey dog was then interred by a different member of the public. Even then, not wanting to leave its partner behind, its sibling dove into the hole.

The brown dog was being cared for in the nearby animal shelter when staff members finally managed to retrieve it.

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