She picked the dоgs оver her husbаnd when he stаted, “It’s either the dоgs оr me,” аnd she hаsn’t seen оr heаrd frоm him since.

Liz and her partner were married and moved into their first house in 1991.

Dogs have always played an important role in Liz’s life. While her father ran a pet food company, her mother raised West Highland White Terriers as a young child. By the time Liz was an adult, her life would not have been complete without paws pounding on the floor.

While working with dogs that had been rescued from dangerous situations, she became aware of her calling.

However, Liz’s husband did not share her enthusiasm. He was sick of living in a house full of dogs, so he gave her the ultimatum, “Either I, or the dogs.” Naturally, Liz didn’t give it any thought.

After 25 years of marriage, Liz’s husband packed his bags and left.

She built a small shelter on the land next to the house so that she could make taking care of dogs a priority in her life. The idea evolved over time, eventually becoming a sanctuary specifically for bull terriers.

Liz helps a large number of animals find new homes and start new lives.

For dogs who have nowhere else to go, she finds temporary refuge, cares for their health, and makes them happy while they wait for their new family. For those who work in this industry, the knowledge that animals’ lives are improving offers enormous happiness. Liz is aware that it is difficult, though; she doesn’t take breaks and works until late at night.

Although it’s a difficult task, Liz isn’t going to give up.




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