Heartbreaking scene of a pet dog screaming in pain because of hundreds of thorns growing on its mouth.

The dog’s owner discovered Thor impaled on multiple quills in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A golden-brown dog with many yellow quills covering its muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and legs is shown in the photographs.

An internet fundraising effort was launched by jobless Adriano Bertoline to pay for care after realizing he couldn’t pay a vet bill.

Local politician Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari intervened to aid, driving Thor to the hospital and providing financial support.

The three-year-old Thor reportedly fought a porcupine for the second time in a year while suffering terrible wounds.

Bertoline made a call for help online after finding Thor impaled by porcupine quills and asking for help in getting him medical treatment.

Have a great morning, everyone,” he tweeted. My dog was in this circumstance when I awoke this morning. Can a hospital or a veterinarian aid him? I’m worried I can’t afford it.

Councilor Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari decided to help after hearing the dog owner’s appeal.

In a Facebook post, Adriano said that “Dr. Apolari was an angel in my dog’s life since I couldn’t afford a private veterinarian.” I have four kids at home and am now unemployed.

Adriano alleges that the councilor brought the dog to his house after bringing Thor to the vet and paying for the appointment.

This is the dog’s second brush with a porcupine in a year, according to Thor’s owner.

Adriano’s buddy, who was then employed at a private veterinarian clinic, assisted the injured dog in February 2021.

The porcupine was attacked by a dog, but it wasn’t immediately obvious how it was doing.




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