The owner started screaming for the dog to stop, but he had already brought a street cat on his back

The weather was rainy, cold, and unsuitable for walking the dog on this particular day. However, because he has already assumed responsibility for the animal, there is no other option except to carry out your responsibilities.

As a result, Arina was hesitant to put her shoes on in the corridor. Cody, her dog, had felt that there would be a stroll ahead and was sitting at the entrance with a cheerful expression, coaxing Arina with all his glances.

And as soon as they exited the building, Cody began sprinting as quickly as he could. He cheerfully leaped up, dispersing splashes from the puddles, and Arina was less than pleased, having understood what type of red-haired dog she would be washing.

Arina contacted her buddy, who would alleviate her dark thoughts, while Cody was enjoying the fresh air. Then, from behind the tree, the terrified muzzle of a very small kitten revealed, shivering from the cold.

When the fluffy spotted an active dog, he raced to him right away, and Cody was taken aback by his bravery. He began wagging his tail to indicate his whereabouts.

But Arina was lost in her thoughts and didn’t see what was going on. Then I saw the time and understood it was time to return. When he yelled out to the pet, he observed a gray cat rushing after him, tail wagging.

She chased him away, but he didn’t even want to listen and notice the girl, and when they called her, she forgot about the kitten. And then the purr noticed a very large puddle, almost like a river, and jumped on the dog’s back. For Cody, this act of insolence was unexpected, but he left the cat on his back.

Arina was taken aback when she saw such a picture, and her cat, as if it should have been, dashed into the door with a cat. The girl’s mother had not anticipated such a visitor, but they couldn’t leave the infant outside in the cold.




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