Elderly Dog Left Outside for Years Forced To Be Put Down After Being Mauled

An elderly dog was euthanized after being attacked by another dog, prompting animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to raise awareness about leaving animals unprotected.

When Fluff’s owners phoned PETA on January 7 asking for assistance, the dog was tied up outside in a backyard in Bertie County, North Carolina.

According to Newsweek, “This old dog was chained up outside all the time for years.” He was extremely susceptible to assaults from other animals, as do all chained dogs.

“Fluff was crying, bleeding, and fought to breathe. He was in excruciating discomfort and unable to stand. Euthanasia was the most compassionate course of action for this ailing dog, and we gave it to him—free of charge to his owners, according to Cryar.

Another dog suffered a similar fate in December 2022 when Max was rescued by Great Plains SPCA after suffering a dog attack while tethered in the backyard.

Max was attacked by two dogs, but was unable to defend himself and finally lost a limb.

According to Cryar, hundreds of dogs are kept tied up outside all day, every day, in all kinds of weather, exactly like Fluff. “We give them affection they wouldn’t otherwise receive, clean water, food, insulated doghouses, toys, straw bedding in the winter, flea and flystrike control in the summer, and—when possible—a chance at a real life.”

The Great Plains SPCA previously disclosed to Newsweek that they advise against tethering animals for longer than 30 minutes at a time and for more than three hours each day. They also advise against tethering animals without supervision.

PETA is presently advocating for both a Bertie County ban on unsupervised tethering and a state-wide chaining ban in North Carolina, according to Cryar.

In September 2022, five chained dogs that had been mistreated were released from their chains thanks to a state provision that permits anybody to launch a civil action for the custody of abused animals. PETA fieldworkers were present at this case. In the case of the “Bertie 5,” the owner of the canines is facing seven counts of animal cruelty.

On PETA’s Facebook page, Fluff’s tragic tale was posted, and hundreds of people were outraged to learn of his treatment and demise.

One response read: “No dog should have to go through that,” while another read: “This poor boy deserved so much better.”




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