Shaken Shelter Dog Listens To Music At Bedtime To Soothe Her

Ruthie, a puppy from a shelter, spent her days shivering in a confinement. Ruthie was “behind bars” until Elli, together with Mr. Bones & Co., realized she deserved a new start in life. The kind woman has been assisting as many pets as she could while traversing the country. Her final trip was to Ruthie’s shelter.

Elli’s goal was to return and assist Ruthie. It took a few weeks, but, as she explains in the video, “I never break my promise to a dog.” Elli was true to her word. Ruthie was delivered to Elli from the shelter. Although quite the trek, it was well worthwhile. Ruthie made herself at home at Elli’s cottage.

Ruthie hadn’t gotten out of bed when Elli knocked on her door the following morning. It was, according to Elli, her first sound sleep in a long time. Fortunately, Elli immediately located Ruthie a foster home with some friends. Elli treated Ruthie to a spa day before going over. Ruthie didn’t particularly enjoy taking baths.

When the puppy came at her new home, her foster father Brian welcomed her into the house he and his boyfriend Anthony share with open arms. Although Ruthie wasn’t yet at ease, Brian and Anthony did everything they could to console her and shower her with all their affection. They installed a nightlight for Ruthie after realizing she is terrified of the dark as she was beginning to acclimate. Additionally, they often served her breakfast in bed since, to borrow Brian’s phrase, she is Queen of the Castle!

Ruthie’s love of music was also found by the foster parents, and what follows is so very sweet that it will uplift your spirit. Will Ruthie end up a foster failure? To discover out, you must watch the video! We appreciate everyone who helped Ruthie start a new life.




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