Abandoned, Malnourished Pit Bull Now On The Road To Recovery Thanks To Rescuers.

It is always distressing to see a dog left behind by its owner, especially when the creature is in such terrible health. Fortunately, there are good individuals in the world who are prepared to step up and offer these pitiful animals a second opportunity.

The situation started when a pit bull who was severely underweight and immobilized was abandoned recently. Maggie has since fully recovered, though.
The Virginia Orange County Animal Shelter took a dog named Maggie on July 29 after it had been abandoned. According to WVIR, a citizen allegedly found her shockingly low weight of just 27 pounds, which is less than half of what would be deemed healthy.

Maggie was “practically lifeless” and unable to move, get up, or walk, the shelter’s director Gina Jenkins told WVIR.

She also claimed that the dog was lethargic, dehydrated, and suffering from conjunctivitis and demodectic mange.

Despite the fact that this is a horrific instance of animal maltreatment, Jenkins believes the owner won’t be located. They are working hard to show her the affection and care that have been withheld from her: “No one’s going to come forward. She will be our firstborn child.

Maggie is presently receiving excellent care and is making progress, but given her health, it won’t be easy: it will allegedly take her at least 3 to 4 months to recuperate, and she might never fully grow her hair back.

All agree, however, that this dog deserves another opportunity. They raised more money than they had wanted to in just one day for her care, raising thousands of dollars, due to how emotional her tale was to internet supporters.

The shelter noted on Facebook that she still had a long way to go but was making small progress every day. We’ll keep you informed as she advances, she said.

Even though Maggie still has a long way to go, her morale has been improving. After being subjected to such abuse and neglect, she has been settling in and making herself comfortable with food and blankets.

I can tell that she is doing well.




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